About Us

Who We Are

It was Roxiana Agatha Clarke’s passion for perfection and the special delectable flavor of cocoa beans grown in the Richmond area of Jamaica that inspired the development of Richmond Milk Chocolate. This unique line of premium specialty chocolates is produced in the Caribbean from high quality Caribbean cocoa beans and genuine Caribbean cane sugar.

Made using the most advanced production process, Richmond Milk Chocolate captures the warm, fun-loving spirit of the Caribbean people and delivers the ultimate in chocolate satisfaction.

Richmond Milk Chocolate is now available in the United States in a variety of types and sizes through the sole distributor, Roxiana Foods.

Our History

Nestled deep in the high valleys of Jamaica’s cocoa growing region was the small chocolatier where in 1976 the Richmond Milk Chocolate recipe was created. In the first thirty years, this unique milk chocolate recipe was out-licensed and distributed throughout the Caribbean as well as in parts of Central America and the United Kingdom under the name ‘Highgate’.

Today, the worldwide license is held exclusively by the Roxiana Chocolate Company and is distributed in the United States solely through its affiliate Roxiana Foods.

Richmond Milk Chocolate is specially made using only the rich cocoa beans found in the Caribbean. This sets Richmond apart as the only milk chocolate made purely from island Caribbean cocoa beans available in the United States.

Roxiana Foods is proud to be able to bring Richmond Milk Chocolate with its original rich Caribbean taste to the U.S.

Richmond Milk Chocolate: It’s one of a kind.

Our Mission

To deliver quality Caribbean chocolate and cocoa products of exquisite taste in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner.